bosch solution 6000 security system

Bosch Solution 6000 Security System

Posted on 12 Dec, 2018

Bosch Solution 6000 Security System
12 Dec, 2018

You might ask what is so special about this alarm system with so many on the market.

Reliability: Australian designed and manufactured these systems have been proven to last 20 years and counting.

Technology: This system is an up based system able to be connected to your network via an Ethernet card or wifi codepad. Once connected you have full control of your system via the Myalarm app. You can see the current status, arm and disarm, isolate and deisolate, control relays, doors and gates, view history and even trigger a panic alarm. This system also does push alerts telling you when and by who the system is armed and disarmed as well as an alarms that are triggered. There is a cost of half the dialler monitoring rate per quarter but with full control it is very worth it. This matched with the Dahua trip wire CCTV system displayed in another blog really are the ultimate dynamic duo.

If you would prefer traditional control room monitoring the system can do that by its self or with the above mentioned push and control all at the same time. With NBN neon rolled out, be sure to purchase the right system for the future which is now IP and not the old digital dialler.


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