Where can I find a user manual for my alarm or CCTV system?

Manuals are under the Documents tab and User Manuals tab under that. If your system is not shown, please contact us and we will add it. You can download these as you like at no charge.

What app do I download to be able to use the MyAlarm function for my Bosch Solution 6000 Alarm

The app is called 'myalarm ifob control'. This can be downloaded for free from the Apple app store or Google Play sites. 

Myalarm Ifob dosen't work on my new mobile phone.

Please contact us and we will issue you a new panel serial number and panel app code. Every phone is an independent device for security purposes.

How do i check if my roller door reed is aligned correctly?

A roller reed switch can usually have a gap up to around 40mm. The reason you will typically get an issue is when the door has changed its natural hanging position over time or from damage to the tracks etc. The front to back is not so important but the side to side is. It must sit central side to side to get a correct seal. Also dont bother cleaning it as it makes little to no difference.

How long do PIR batteries last for on a wireless alarm system?

Alarm detector batteries typically last from 3-6 years depending on how busy the room is where they are located. For instance a family room will go flat quicker than one in a spare room.

How do I change batteries on a wireless PIR?

You will need a flat blade screwdriver. Note: when you open the detector it will trigger the alarm so be ready to enter your code or use a remote control to disarm it. The battery will be a CR123a or equivalent battery available from most chemists for around $10.50 inc GST each. Some detectors will have two batteries if they are the older models.

There is a knack to it that works well. Place your index finger on top at the back and press down lightly, at the same time use gentle force with a twist at the bottom between the two covers. Be careful not to gouge the circuit board and do not touch the fresnel lens or it will not work as well.

Once done put the cover on the top first then click into the bottom. Arm and disarm the arm and check there are no faults. On a LCD Bosch panel there should be no ! in a triangle. On the Solution 16+ and Solution 6000 panels press the down arrow to see any issues. If there is please contact us for assistance.

Will the NBN affect our alarm system?

The NBN will not always but will most likely effect your alarm if you are on a dialler or sms reporting service. The way around this is to connect back to base via a direct wireless dual sim unit that operates with a Telstra and Optus sim card. It must go back to base but it will work reliably. If you have a Solution 6000 panel we can set up the Myalarm app for push notifications and control or upgrade your current alarm to the Solution 6000 to allow this. Remember NBN is the internet of things future and it is time to move forward away from old analogue fax machines and diallers that we have been making backwards compatible for over 15 years.

How do I test my alarm system?

If you are monitored, call the control room and tell them you are testing the system. Arm the system and go outside. Wait for the exit delay to count down. If your system is a wireless system wait for 5 minutes to ensure all detectors are out of sleep mode after detecting you on the way out. Walk in, trigger every PIR and reed switch, go outside and check your siren and strobe are working, ensure all zones you have triggered are flashing (if they are an entry delay it may be 45 seconds or so). Disarm the system. Triggered devices will still be flashing. On the Solution 16+ and Solution 6000 you can press the down arrow to see what has triggered. Call monitoring to check alarms and if it is domestic dial to your mobile you will have the notifications there. The strobe light is the most likely device to fail on an older system.

Can you quote over the phone without seeing my premises?

In most cases we can for homes. For Commercial and Industrial these would need to be on site or via a plan. Questions we will ask will be about the construction of your home ie, roof material, pitched or flat, is there an extension, wall material etc. 

Can I have an alarm system if I have pets in the house?

Yes, depending on number of animals and their body mass we can provide pet friendly detectors to cater for this. 

What if I don't have a phone line?

We are able to install a 4G dual sim unit allowing your system to report back to base. This is a polled system and is very reliable and secure. 

Should my house have a hard wired or wireless alarm?

In a new frame stage build we would typically install a hard wired system. However for an existing home a wireless system is often the best solution as it is fast, cost effective and very reliable. Security Innovations have installed hundreds of these systems. The good thing is that batteries last around 6 years. 

Do I need an alarm detector in every room?

No, sensors should be placed close to entry points and in areas intruders are most likely to enter.

How do I secure doors / windows?

Doors and windows can be secured by reed switches or vibration devices or a mix of both. Gllass break detectors are also another good option.

Do I own the system outright?

Yes, once you purchase the system it is yours. The only ongoing fees will be for monitoring, but these can be cancelled at any time. 

What is my monitoring contract?

We do not have monitoring lock in contracts or exit fees. We believe that if you are not happy with our service, you should have the right to leave. Many companies have lock in contracts and one month exit fees to hold you into a contract.  

What action is taken in the event of an alarm activation?

Local Alarm

If your alarm system is not monitored it is called a local alarm. If the alarm is triggered the siren will run for 10 minutes and then stop unless another zone is triggered. The strobe light will run until you disarm the alarm system letting you know there may have been an incident.


Monitored back to base

We can add notes specific to your site but in most cases when your alarm is triggered, the control room will call through the list of after hours contacts and call them leaving messages if they don't answer. On answer a voice code will be asked to identify that person to verify them. If no one can be reached a patrol will be dispatched to your site to check it. They will check all accessible areas and roof etc for disturbance. In the case of a genuine break in, the patrol will remain on site until after hours can attend or we can arrange a shutter service. 

Does Security Innovations charge to come out and remove footage to give to the police?

Yes we do charge for a call out to remove footage if you would prefer this option. We do however provide training during handover of our products but understand that as footage removal may not be done often, we provide free over the phone assistance. We also have guides for most systems we sell under the Manual / Brochures tab.