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    If you have the choice of quality, service or price, you can really only have two of these things. We base our business on providing rapid and effecient service long after the warranty is over. We therefore select equipment that is of excellent quality and reliability. Price can vary depending on the product but cheap often means poor quality. Many systems we take over will have poor workmanship, no tampers on panel cabinets, default codes, missing zone description stickers and no details of the original installer. Many systems in this condition are installed by unlicenced or unqualified people who shy away from any sort of after sales service or support.

  • Modern Techniques

    Modern Techniques

    In this fast evolving industry, with new developments, and boundaries always being pushed, we work hard to stay in front of the trends offering you our clients systems that work but also are functional and easy to use.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction

    Security Innovations pride ourselves on long term relationships (many over 15 years) where we know the customers business and will guide them on the best solution for them. This is typically not the "just fits" system but something that will be able to be expanded as a business expands so that you don't buy it twice.