intercom systems

Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

Whilst there are many intercom systems on the market we have been drawn to the Dahua range of products. These are well made and featured and can be setup to call a mobile phone when pressed. The person at the door or gate is not aware if the person at the otehr end is at home or not.

If you wish to open a gate or door, this can be done from the app.

Dahua IP Intercoms allow the door bell to push to a mobile phone and be answered anywhere in the world.

In some sites that have both the Dahua intercom and CCTV system we can load the intercoms in to be recorded. This means that the lens of the intercom is another camera providing a clear face shot of who entered your site or rang your doorbell.

The intercom to the right is the Dahua intercom mounted to an external gate. The gate can be controlled via the app to open and close.