ip cctv systems

IP CCTV Systems

IP CCTV Systems

CCTV systems have moved on these days from the limited analogue infrastructure to the networkable anywhere IP (internet protocol) structure. The IP system allows cameras of varying resolutions and features to be added to a NVR (Network Video Recorder) for recording of footage and other smarts and be connected via optical fibre, wireless links, via existing networks and even satelite. 

We specialise in both Dahua and Mobotix and also offer data network intergration and design to suit your site. IP cameras can typically only run for 100m end to end. This is where optical fibre backbones are built offering massive expandability even if the cameras are replaced down the track with higher resolution again as it is released. 

IP is finally a world standard. In the future everything we buy will have some sort of wireless or hardwired connectivity to the internet. 

Which system is for me?

The Dahua system is a Chinese system that is very good value for money (cheap is not the right word here) with excellent quality images. This system whilst being very well priced offers features such as "trip wire" that send a push notification if a line is crossed to a mobile phone. This feature is almost out of the box and easy to set up. The image to the right is from the Dahua 6MP Turret cameras from which you can see are quite impressive. We have set this system up in houses with a few cameras up to student accomodation with over 30 cameras connected with rock solid reliability.

The Mobotix camera system is a German product. It comes with a premium price and offers the build quality in its camera bodies and lenses you would expect from the Germans. No moving parts, low power usage, military spec security certificates, MxPeg security codec to reduce bandwidth and a linux computer in every camera allowing smart control or inputs. These are used in Antartica and Mt Everest straight out of the box. The thermal range of these cameras has been used in coal power stations to show and trigger alerts / alarms if machinery is heating up and likely to cause a fire. Race horse health monitoring, fire detection and recycling plant early wanring system are where this system shines. This system records typically to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) and has amazing speed and search functionality when reviewing footage. 

We would be happy to advise you on the best system to suit you, your budget and expectations.