security systems

Security Systems

Security Systems

We specialise in Industrial, Commercial and Domestic security systems and also provide back to base monitoring or self monitoring depending on what system suits you best.

There area a few brands we prefer to use due to their excellent functionality. These are selected depending on the site and customer requirements and are as follows.

Tecom Challenger. Excellent choice for large sites such as factories and warehouses due to its flexible expandability and option to add access control. The new version 10 range can also be app controlled or managed by powerful management software. 

Bosch series of alarm panels. We provide the full range of Bosch security systems. The Solution 6000 is our current go to panel as it is able to be connected to a network for app driven remote control arming / disarming, history and push notifications via Myalarm at half the rate of dialler monitoring with control for up to 10 users. With NBN coming in this solves the compatibility issue that older analogue systems are having. On a business site where the alarm is monitored traditionally back to base, can also be set up to send a push notification or use the app at the same time.

Videofied. Alarm and (low resolution) camera. This is what is known as alarm verification. It provides a 10 second low resolution video clip back to base in the case of an alarm. The control room can verify if it is a false alarm or a genuine alarm and action it accordingly. This system suits building sites and saves a lot of money in patrol attendances caused by plasic blowing around on outdoor sites. 

Theses are some monitoring options.

1. Local alarm. Typically not a great solution as no one is alerted to a break in.This is sirens and strobe ight locally only.

2. Self monitoring. The Soution 6000 alarm system as shown in the image provides system status, history, control and full push reporting. This is a fully IP based system so it is modern and will grow with your needs.

3. Dialler. This back to base monitoring style is typically (not in all cases) on its way out as the NBN is rolled out. Option 2 or 4 are being taken up in its place due to their security and control options.

4. Direct Wireless. For many of the older systems that require back to base monitoring and backup with patrols this dual sim 4G solution is very secure, polled every 90 seconds and has fixed costs unlike the old dialler system that was based on phone call billing.

5 Alarm Verification. For sites such as a construction site the Videofied solution works very well. If a plasic bag triggers the alarm, the control room gets an image and can either make a note and ignore it. If genuine police and patrols are sent. This saves a lot on outdoor patrol cost of the standard blind alarm.