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Tripwire (Dahua NVR)

Posted on 12 Dec, 2018 1

Tripwire (Dahua NVR)
12 Dec, 2018

Ever wanted to be alerted when at work or at home if someone is walking up your driveway, making a delivery, lurking around your cars at night or even jumping over a back fence to steal your dog.

The tripwire feature is free on Dahua NVR recorders and works very well in all of these scenarios.

We have found that whilst an alarm is typically for the inside of a home or premises, this system gives you a heads up or early warning of what is going on at your home day and night.

You simply need to download the DMSS Pro app to your Apple or Android device, connect to your Dahua NVR and turn on alarm events to receive push notifications when a trip wire is crossed. If it is a weekend and you have friends over or kids playing basketball in the driveway you can turn off that camera, or all cameras and turn it back on at night again. If it is a business setup you can have it only push between certain hours of the night for example.

This is setup at no cost for new installations and we will train you on fine tuning the tripwires to minimise false alarms so you can manage it yourself if a plant grows or a car is parked in a new position.

Examples of previous installations.

A customer had their fence jumped by two people who were hanging around a car in their driveway. A camera was installed on a fence next to that driveway gate with a screamer that would trigger when a trip wire was crossed. At the same time it would push out notifications to 3 mobile devices with the video clip of what caused the alarm. This screamer can be isolated by a manual switch inside the house.

My home backs onto a reserve and had a tripwire along the fence line. I received a push alert from camera 5 and knowing it was the back yard clicked it to open and see what had triggered the event. A man ran past rapidly but did not enter the back yard so I took no further action. A neighbour called me 5 minutes later advising that police had been chasing a stolen car with the offender escaping through the reserve. I was able to press the event, snap shot my phone and sms my neighbour who gave it to the police all within around a minute. The offender was later identified and apprehended.

This system matched with a Bosch Solution 6000 alarm and Myalarm mobile push reporting gives you in my opinion the most up to date eyes and ears system you will find. The photo shows the tripwire setup. Notice the arrows only trip in that direction. These are simply lines that are drawn from the NVR and not a physical device outside meaning they can be easily moved or adjusted as required.




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